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Index.dat Viewer: View the URLs in the hidden index.dat file.
Exit: Exit Free Window Sweeper.
Test: You can see how many files and registry entries will be deleted before they are really deleted.
Clean: Deletes files, cookies, and lists of recently used files based on your selected.
Settings: Provides access to the Settings categories.
Cookies Manager: Helps you to select which cookies you want to keep.
Custom Lists: Allow you to add, and edit the Custom Lists, with which you can delete file(s), folder or registry entry(s) that you want to delete.
Save to text file: Save all test or clean information in the list to a text file.
Online Help: Visit Free Window Sweeper's help documents.
About: Free Window Sweeper's information.
Fast Mode: Don't show detailed log of all cleaner settings in order to run fast.

Command line options:
/s : Runs the sweeper upon loading and then closes the application.
For example: "C:\Program Files\Free Window Sweeper\Winsweep.exe /s".

If you like Free Window Sweeper, please feel free to donate, any donations large or small are greatly appreciated. Your donation, therefore, means a lot to me and will help me continue writing programs and maintaining the website.

Thanks for your help.  

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