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TracksCleaner 3.0

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By surfing the Web you create an information trail that hackers, other users of your computer and anyone else with technical savvy can use to learn about you. They can find out your surfing habits, view your Web history and even collect your personal or credit card information. Tenebril's TracksCleaner protects your privacy by erasing your Web history, cache, clipboard, cookies and more to Department of Defense standards.

  Allows you to select from quick wipes to more thorough wipes involving the most advanced cryptographic algorithms available.
  Prevents undelete tools from recovering your wiped data. Government-standard methods are used to stop even aggressive hardware recovery systems from retrieving your deleted files.
  Removes residuals left on your computer from previously deleted files.
  Compiles a list of all plugins associated with your installed programs to facilitate advanced wipes.
  Enables you to protect certain elements from deletion, such as cookies or your favorite sites.
  Runs wipes automatically according to a schedule that you customize to meet your needs.


Author: Tenebril Inc.
Platform: Windows All
File Size: 1785 kb
License: Shareware, $19.95
Last Updated: Sep 24, 2004

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