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Evidence Nuker

Evidence Nuker 3.00.24

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Evidence Nuker is user–friendly, but it is almost too simple in its performance. It has no third–party plug–ins and does not allow you to clean as many different types of files as do the other privacy software products. It mainly focuses on cleaning internet files and the windows system.

Are you aware that your computer is also a recording device? Almost every action you make is recorded and can be easily retrieved by anyone, not just by a computer geek but by an average computer user such as your spouse, boss, friend, or anyone who has access to the PC you use.

For example, web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox can save every image and every website you open. Windows might save every login name and password you type. Media players often keep records of every movie and video clip you watch.
Without Evidence Nuker your computer is as private as a diary left on a restaurant table for anyone to read, and thousands of people have been fired, divorced and even sent to prison over what was found on their PC! Do you want your loved ones, employers, or law enforcement agencies to know everything you do Online?

For no cost at all you can download Evidence Nuker today and run a FREE scan that will show you a listing of deleted files, emails, chat transcripts, audio and video files, temporary internet files, image files (all formats), search histories, clipboard data, passwords, internet history, stored cookies and so much more! After you see everything that has been easily recovered you can use Evidence Nuker to permanently delete everything you want erased!


Author: TrekBlue, Inc
Platform: Windows All
File Size: 1520 kb
License: Shareware, $49.90
Last Updated: Jul 26, 2006

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